The More Than Men project is a campaign by the Women Thinking Free Foundation, a science and critical thinking outreach program focused on women and women’s issues. With a board of directors that is half men, we realize that white men are in a unique position to provide advocacy for underrepresented groups in almost every field. Men are not the problem, the problem is privilege, and we need to work together to make diversity happen.

More Than Men is a social media project for men to stand up together to take an active role in diversity advocacy, educating people about what diversity outreach is and is not, and dispelling myths about what it means to actively pursue a more inclusive community. This is a chance for men to have a conversation about why diversity matters to them, and how they can benefit, and what they can do to help.

More Than Men is not about apologizing for being male but it is also not about claiming we know better than people what their experiences in the world are like. It is about admitting and embracing who you are, and using that to help build a better community.