Dear Mr Zuckerberg,

It must be pretty awesome to be a white dude with billions of dollars. It must be nice to be able to afford peace of mind. You do realize that not everyone is a billionaire right? Because when Facebook makes decisions to allow any timeline to be found by name alone that’s seriously messed up. Your suggestions to make things more secure are laughable:

1. Share each post with the people you want to be able to see it. You control this every time you post.

2. Use Activity Log to review individual things you’ve already shared. Here you can delete things you may not want to appear on Facebook anymore, untag photos and change the privacy of past posts.

3. Ask friends and others to remove anything they may have shared about you that you don’t want on the site. You can do this by reaching out to the person directly, or using the reporting feature, also available in Activity Log.

Seriously? That’s your suggestion for someone who’s being stalked or threatened? Literally go through everything you’ve ever shared on Facebook and change the settings? Ask nicely for other people to remove things they’ve tagged you in? Seriously? You’re literally putting the lives of thousands if not millions of people on the line because… it makes you more money? it makes life easier for your engineers? because it’s cool?  I can’t help but notice that you didn’t include the best possible option:

#4. Delete my account on from a service that I’m increasingly disappointed with who not only gives the impression of not caring about people being harassed, but is actually taking measure to make it easier for them to be harassed.

I’m not sure I can continue to support a company that places anything over the lives and safety of assault victims, battered spouses, queer folks or a whole host of other people who have legitimate reason to fear for their lives. I wouldn’t associate with a person who had assisted in the harassment/assault/murder of someone else so I’m not sure why I should stick around on Facebook.

I’m going to spend the weekend doing some soul searching. This article will likely be one of the last things I ever post on my own wall.

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