Harassment Policies

[Last updated March 22, 2013.]

Welcome to our ever-expanding list of skeptic, atheist, and science conference harassment policies. As we’ve said, we here at More Than Men are in favor of harassment policies and we want them to be available, visible, and enforced. This page is intended as a public service for event organizers to get ideas for crafting their own policies, and for attendees and speakers so they can be aware of the rules and know what to expect from events they are attending. Consider this an attempt at a skeptic/atheist/science conference version of the Con Anti-Harassment Project’s Con Database.

Amazing code of conduct templates as a google doc
(Thank you Glynnis!)

This list is far from complete and we appreciate your help. If you can provide us a link to the harassment policy for an event not listed here (or if you find that our link is out of date), please let us know by sending Sasha an email. If you are a conference organizer interested in establishing a policy for your event, you might find the Geek Feminism Wiki’s Conference Anti-harassment Policy helpful.

  1. American Atheists
  2. Atheist Alliance International
  3. CSICon
  4. Dragon*Con
  5. Edinburgh Skeptics
  6. GeekGirlCon
  7. Humanists of Florida Association
  8. Oklahoma Freethought Convention
  9. QED (Some minimal words regarding the right to remove people who cause unspecified problems.)
  10. Sacramento Freethought Day (Currently creating a policy.)
  11. SkepchickCON
  12. SkeptiCamp Ohio
  13. Skepticon
  14. SSA Con
  15. Women In Secularism


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