The More Than Men project is a diversity awareness and call to action. It is a conversation for and between straight white men to discuss the importance and benefits of a more diverse community while dispelling common misconceptions about what diversification means.

Our Message

  1. Diversity is beneficial to everyone
  2. Diversity is not stealing white guy’s jobs
  3. People asking for inclusiveness are not whining
  4. Inclusiveness is not “special treatment”
  5. Discrimination is real. It’s subtle. Just because you don’t notice it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
  6. Diversity doesn’t mean apologizing for being white and male.
  7. There is no conflict between being a proud white guy and appreciating expanded diversity in all fields. One need not choose between the two.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should include:

  • A description of what you think diversity involves.
  • An explanation of why diversity is important to you and your community.
  • A description of a way that you are helping to encourage diversification of your community. (preferable)
    • alternately: what do you want to see happen? What do you want to do?
  • A plea/instructions for other white men to get involved.
    • Why it is important that white men take a lead role in this effort.
    • Action plans should require personal action and accountability
    • No slacktivism (i.e.; no donating money to minority advocacy organizations to put the onus on them to do the work.)
  • A short bio and all relevant links to you
  • (for non-video submissions) A photo flaunting your white manliness. (If a photo is not provided, the M^TM Team will provide our own photo or artistic interpretation of your white manliness which will not be subject to approval.)

Your submission should be:

  • Unapologetic
  • compassionate
  • empowered
  • informative

The tone of your submission is up to you. You are speaking to your base. Your message needs to be honest, sincere and factually sound. Aside from that, you should address this using the tone and language that is appropriate for your own audience and should be short, concise, poignant and thought provoking, and should end with the tagline “We need more than (white) men” with the word “white” being optional or a tagline of your choosing that includes the name of the project.

Media Guidelines

Videos should be edited appropriately and be ready to publish on YouTube. Ideally they should be 1-2 minutes long, and should not exceed 5 minutes. If your video exceeds 5 minutes, consider submitting a series of videos which will allow you to expand on specific points.

Essays should be around 500-1000 words, longer if necessary, and are subject to editing. Non-minor edits will be returned for approval.

Audio recordings should be 5-10 minutes long, and, preferably, edited and ready to publish. If your recording is significantly longer than 10 minutes, please contact us to discuss options such as setting up an interview or submitting a series of recordings.

OK, I’ll do it!

The More Than Men project needs guys like you to help make this site great. Help us advocate for the inclusion of everyone... because we are More Than Men.

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