It’s been a week since Justin Vacula resigned from his leadership position with the Secular Coalition for America, but people are still talking about it. I supported, and signed the petition asking for him to be removed. Vacula resigned without any need for the SCA to act. That’s not what I’m here for today.

I’ve noticed a recurring meme from Vacula’s defenders and from those who are “trying to be neutral.” This is regarding the post Justin prepared for A Voice for Men. People say we need to judge his post on its own merits and basically ignore where Vacula chose to post it. Bullshit, I say. Ridiculous. To not consider the venue is to not understand the message.

A Voice for Men was listed as one of the key sites for online misogyny by the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you really want to know why it’s reviled as a misogynist site by decent people, here are some examples: They honor the memory and preserve the manifesto of a man who killed himself hoping to inspire acts of arson against police stations and courthouses. They say that women are most accurately compared to flatworms. Their founder says that fucking feminists’ shit up gives him an erection. It’s a hateful place for dudes who really dislike women.

Why on earth would you post your criticism of a woman (who you call stupid) on a site that is all about hating women? The main reason that springs to mind is that you agree with the editorial slant of that website. Vacula has said that he doesn’t agree with all of the positions of A Voice for Men. Good for him. I don’t agree with every line of the Democratic Party platform, but I’m still a Democrat. Which parts of the AVfM agenda does Vacula support and which does he disagree with?

If I wrote a post about the legal problems facing James Randi’s partner and I published it on Sylvia Browne’s web site, what conclusions would most skeptics draw? How many people would care which of Sylvia Browne’s views I agree with and which I disagree with?

If I wrote a post encouraging people not to vote for Barack Obama and I posted it on the white power site Stormfront, what would people make of that? Would they care what my points were?

What’s a guy got to do to be a misogynist these days?

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oolonOctober 22, 2012 3:10 am

Absolutely, I’m known for my neutrality but posting at AVfM was an obvious call to arms for MRAs to attack Surly Amy. The post was tagged ‘Feminist Lies’ FFS! You need to be unbelievably neutral or plain out hyper-sceptical to say anything else.

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