What passes for wit in some circles.

Coffee Loving Skeptic, who seems to want desperately to be Rebecca Watson’s bête noire posted this super hilarious(ly badly Photoshopped) image on his Facebook wall. What I find really interesting, and telling, and instructive here is that the picture is obviously intended to cause offense and outrage in the targeted people, Ms. Watson and PZ Myers. In the image, calculated for outrage, he accuses his victims of profitting from “manufactured outrage”.

We’ve seen this charge before, that Watson, myself, and all other feminist not horrible skeptical bloggers are making mountains of molehills. We’re looking to be offended where no “normal” person would take offense. We’re accused of bullying, we’re criticized for blocking people who badger us online.

But this image is obviously, to anyone without massive amounts of angry cognitive dissonance, designed to be outrageous…and it is created by someone with so much intellectual dishonesty and with such a complete absence of self awareness that in this bullying, offensive provocation he implicitly claims that there are no such bullying, offensive provocations.

It’s the #FTBullies hashtag all over again. It’s the bullies denying their bullying as they bully. “Pay no attention to the insults I hurl at these people, and ask yourself why they are so upset?” It is absurd, and they are either too stupid to realize what they’re doing or they think everyone else is too stupid to notice it.

For extra icing on the cake, I give you the two images below. I commented, making the point I make in this post. Mr. CLS didn’t like what I had to say, and deleted my comment, while adding some dismissive bullying of a woman. I suspect he thinks you’re all too stupid to realize what he (and his allies in hate) are doing, and was afraid my comment would spoil the sweet scam they have going on.

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timidatheistAugust 13, 2012 11:00 am

Hypocrisy at it’s finest. The man complained high and low about Rebecca “smearing” him and yet look what he does? I have no use for people like this. They deserve to be exposed for the asses they are.

squirrelywrath2August 14, 2012 1:02 pm

I … am actually not that bothered by this. I mean sure its immature and appealing to a particular subgroup of the… lets go with “skeptic” community, but so what?

I should clarify my position: I consider myself a feminist ally. From what I have seen of the FTB community (amounting to roughly a week of experience) they seem like a decent crowd. I like Natalie Reed. I like Zinnia Jones. PZ Myers writing style has not won me over yet but I have no problem with the guy. I do not, however, really ascribe much importance to offence. Offence is taken, not given. If this was on this guy’s own facebook page, than I do not think it being offensive or not is of any note.

More than anything else, this is a poor attempt at satire. I do not think that the analogy holds up. There is nothing inherently hypocritical about this person trying to offend people whom he is criticizing for manufacturing outrage. The way that he spoke to that one commenter was rude, and that part I would criticise him for.

A better comparison to draw would be to point out how people are still ranting and raving on various blogs, and on youtube, about “elevatorgate”. Rebecca Watson mentioned that it made her uncomfortable that a guy asked her for coffee late at night in an elevator, and there are STILL people leaving comments a year later about how this is proof of some kind of authoritarian conspiracy headed by the feminazis. All this hyperbolic rhetoric while claiming that people are being dramatic and manufacturing outrage for mentioning a harassment policy.

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