By Sasha - 20 Jul 2012

Dear Secular Skeptic

Since women in the industrialized world have things so good compared to women in countries run by brown religious people and should just STFU already about sexism in their lives, I have prepared a handy list of things you should stop talking about because there are so many worse things happening in the world.

  • Stop writing about or investigating ghosts and cryptozoology at home. Don’t you know there are people being killed as witches in Africa?
  • Stop complaining about what religious conservatives are doing in your own country. Aren’t you aware that atheism and blasphemy carry a death sentence in other countries?
  • Don’t worry your little head about the science curricula in your locals schools. Some countries don’t even have schools.
  • Worrying about herd immunity and vaccine denialism in industrialized nations  is pretty stupid when you consider that in some countries people think that raping a virgin cures AIDS.

I think you see what I’m doing here. My point is that anti-feminists who say “It’s worse for women elsewhere, so STFU” are hypocrites and are seasoning their hypocrisy with some xenophobic racism. Please remind them of that (or direct them here) when you see them dismiss people working toward equality.

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wbrinkmanJuly 20, 2012 11:13 pm

You have really improved as a blogger. 🙂 Keep it up. 🙂

It is sad to see so many skeptics use this argument on and off line. I can’t control what happens around the world, but I can control what happens in my community. Or try to at least.

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