I’m a big fan of the Secular Student Alliance. For more than a decade they have been helping secular students organize for mutual support and activism. They provide resources to students, educators, and alumni to make schools safer and more welcoming for secularists. They are a true grass roots organization that is training and empowering the next generation of secular leaders and thinkers. They are also more diverse than most secular groups with older memberships. All this is awesome stuff and I’m a moral as well as financial supporter.

Running an international group that does everything the SSA does takes money. It takes the help of people like me and you. This week is SSA Week, where the SSA is trying to raise $100,000 by June 16th. Right now SSA supporters Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss have pledged a $250,000 matching offer. What that means is that every dollar you donate is doubled. This is amazingly generous of Hawkins and Strauss and this week is our chance to make a huge difference in the future of secularism.

Like a lot of bloggers I’ve created my own fundraising page for SSA Week. Like a lot of bloggers I’m offering a personal reward for those who donate. Between now and June 16th, if you go and donate through my page I will create a personalized nickname just for you! I’m actually pretty good at nicknames. My younger brother is named Frank but I started calling him Dewey and now we all do. You too could have an awesome nickname! Just go donate $5 or more, and be sure to opt in to the “Honor Roll” so I can see who has made a donation. I’ll be updating this post with the awesome nicknames people have received. (If you would like to donate without a sweet nickname, you can definitely do that. If you would like your donation and nickname to be private, just send me an email with your receipt and you’ll get your nickname privately.)

Sweet Nicknames for people who have donated:

  1. Christopher “The Swingin’ Vegan” Baker
  2. Sarah “Broslayer” Moglia
  3. Benjamin “Osmium Ben” Stonier
  4. Anne “The Professor” Sauer
  5. Brianne “Nomadic Lens” Bilyeu
  6. Kate “Juice” Baker
  7. “Cavalry” Carl Tracy

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