(More Than Men has addressed “the friendzone” before. Here’s a poem on a related topic by the Slam Master of Mill City Slam in Lowell, MA. – Sasha)

I know
that if anyone saves me in my hour of need
it will be one of my ex-girlfriends.

One ex-girlfriend
got me a job
when I was destitute.

My ex
who is a nurse
treated the cut on my arm
when I didn’t have health insurance
it would have gone septic she said
if I’d waited any longer.

My ex Rebekah
is a lawyer
haven’t needed her yet
but I will.

All these women
still in my life
still sharing

Maybe I learned it from my folks
married for two years
divorced for 25
when my father died
no one wept
harder than my mother.

And I know
it can tear you up
to see an old lover
with someone else
it’s bad if they’re happy
it’s worse if they’re not.

But here’s the secret
when they ask me
during the break up
if we can still be friends
I know they’re trying to make an easy out
but I laugh
because I know something they don’t
they can’t sell me something
I’ve already got.

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