Wednesday’s post only got one comment here on the site, but I’ve looked at the discussion elsewhere on the web. Some people have said that when I see warning signs for misogyny I’m really just being mean and hateful to people with old fashioned values. I would argue that in many cases “old fashioned values” are misogynist, racist, and homophobic, but apparently some disagree.

What are some old fashioned values that are used to perpetuate and reinforce bigotry? What are some old fashioned values that are worth keeping?

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elyseMay 18, 2012 9:43 am

Worth keeping: Old Fashioneds, sodomy amongst friends

Not worth keeping: Women and black people as property

oragetteMay 20, 2012 12:48 am

Didn’t leave a comment on the other post as I was not sure what I have to add, however I did find the post extremely interesting, and no I don’t think you are being unnecessarily mean to “old fashioned” values.

While I have not assigned how misogynist “old fashioned” values are, I would agree they have subtle but very misogynist/racist/homophobic characteristics. We have 3 major social battles of the past century that were based on previous “old fashioned” values that had(have) to be fought. A woman’s right to vote, black rights and now we are fighting for the rights of people that don’t meet “old fashioned” sexual rules. This is ultra simplifying the subject of this topic, but I need examples.

Personally, I feel that a lot of the bad “habits” of society do come from old fashioned values and in the name of tradition there has been much pain and anguish dealt. Nothing wrong with declaring war on “old fashioned”; if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Treating all things under an umbrella as sacred because it meets a condition that you thing is “good” is a dangerous thing to do, and I think those that defend “old fashioned” are doing just that, we can (and do) have “new fashioned” values that don’t have the misogynist/racist/sexist values under their umbrella and I say good bye old fashioned and welcome the new fashioned.

Hope that made sense.

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