I'm not the only one thinking of goatse, right?

Today is International Women’s Day, which is awesome. If you don’t know much about the history of the day, I encourage you to look in to it. Pretty awesome stuff. But today I’m addressing the inevitable “What about the men??” cries that we always hear. Last month we heard people (like we do every year) ask why there’s no White History Month. (There are 11 of them.) Today some casually sexist curious people are wondering why isn’t there an International Men’s Day. Well, the short answer is that there is one.

I’m going to draw some conclusions from the relative histories of these two observances.

  1. The fact that International Women’s Day began 90 years before International Men’s Day suggests that people in the world thought it was more important.
  2. The fact that IWD began when women weren’t even able to vote in much of the world suggests that it was not a gynocratic plot to promote misandry.
  3. The fact that  the men who bitch about IMD not existing haven’t even bothered to do the quick google search I did suggests that they don’t really care about men having a day, they just like shitting on women.
  4. The fact that the men who do know about IMD mostly seem use it to have mustache competitions and complain about IWD suggests that men might not even really need a special day after all.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is, if men’s rights and recognition of men’s unique struggles and contributions to the world are so very important to you it might be best if you actually did something about it. You know, be a woman about it for a change and actually fight for your rights and honor — don’t just whine on the internet.

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