By Sasha - 06 Feb 2012

Help Wanted

I’m gratified that people seem to be enjoying what we’re doing here at More Than Men, and have had some exciting contributions from some great guys. We need more help, though. Please don’t hesitate to contribute to the project. We don’t need a commitment and we don’t need glorious prose. We want guys talking about diversity. If you’re a guy who is reading this without having a rage hard-on, you are one of the guys we want to have contribute. Tell us your story. Tell us what made you care about diversity. Tell us what you do to make things better. Don’t hesitate, don’t think “I don’t know what to say.” The simple fact of being someone who wants to include people different from them makes you rare and makes your voice important. Please share with us. (And don’t worry about angry mean people, those comments seem to be saved up for me alone.)

In addition to seeking one-time contributions, we’re looking for one or two new staff bloggers. Please send me a message (sasha AT womenthinkingfree DOT org) with a little bit about yourself, a couple samples of your writing, and a drive to promote diversity in our communities. (You will have a salary of imaginary bacon, which is how we pay people around here. Yes, it’s vegan.)

Thanks for an interesting month, and an upcoming interesting year,

Sasha Pixlee


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